Pediatrics Eye Care

Pediatrics Eye Care

Our Eye Doctors love seeing your kids! The Canadian Association of Optometrists recommended kids get their first Comprehensive Eye and Vision Assessment between 6 and 12 months, again at age 3 and then annually after the age of 5. It is difficult for a parent to determine if a child has good vision. Even when children are able to express themselves, they often won’t complain of vision issues as they have no idea that what or how they are seeing is not normal. Our Eye Doctors use kid friendly techniques to thoroughly assess not only how well your child is seeing, but also how well their eyes are working together (their binocular vision).  Experts believe that 80% of learning is visual so get your kids eyes examined early and regularly.

Common signs of vision concerns in children can include: excessive eye rubbing or blinking, trouble focusing on a particular task or object, avoiding visually demanding activities such as reading, frequent headaches, head tilt, holding books close to their face, losing their place when reading or forgetting what they just read. As kids grow they change quickly which can mean their eyes are changing too. If you have noticed any of the above symptoms, we would be happy to assess your childs vision anytime.

Alberta Health Care covers Comprehensive Eye and Vision Assessments for children.

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