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If you have experienced burning eyes, gritty sensation, fluctuating vision, eye fatigue, watery eyes or painful eyes, you could have dry eye disease. Dry Eye Disease is becoming a common concern in the Optometric practice. It can be caused by environmental conditions, age, lifestyle and certain medical conditions or medications. Dry Eye Disease can occur when you don’t produce enough tears or have poor tear quality. The effects of dry eye can greatly impact quality of life and can be longstanding if not addressed.

Common Cause of Dry Eye Explained

Our Eye Care team takes your dry eye concerns seriously by utilizing the latest technology -the Oculus Kertaograph ) to diagnose your Dry Eye Disease accurately and create a personalized treatment plan.

Treatment plans for dry eye can include over the counter products or at-home treatments, prescription medications (oral or drops), punctal plugs, in-office treatments (gland expression, BlephEx ***link to BlephEx), or even referral.

How to Instill Eye Drops – Adults

How to Instill Eye Drops – Kids

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