Cosmetics and The Eye

Young woman cleaning off makeup

Eyes are pretty amazing on their own, but a little make up can really make them pop. Below are some tips to make sure cosmetics are used safely (keep those peepers poppin’ for years to come).

  1. Use only products that are intended for use around the eye
  2. Dispose of products 3 months after opening or immediately should you develop an eye infection (come see us if you think you may have an infection – it is covered by Alberta Health Care)
  3. Avoid sharing eye cosmetic products or using store samples (unless single use applicators are available)
  4. Avoid putting make up on the inside of the lash line – small glands called Meibomian glands are located here and blocking them can lead to dry eye or infection
  5. Apply make up to a clean face
  6. Remove make up every day before bed
  7. If you suspect an allergy check ingredients and avoid other products with those ingredients – come see us to treat the reaction.
  8. Avoid cosmetics immediately following eye surgeries until your doctor has advised you it is safe to continue

Special note on Eyelash Extensions

woman getting eyelash extensions

Thick long dark lashes are enviable for sure, but exercise some caution if attempting to add volume to your lashes. Know the risks and read our tips on safe extensions before deciding to go ahead.

  1. Ensure lashes are applied by an experienced aesthetician with a good reputation and certified training
  2. Ensure environment or salon where the lashes are applied is clean and the aesthetician practices good hygiene
  3. Spot test the glue on your wrist to check for sensitivity reactions
  4. If you develop an allergic reaction to the adhesive please come see us to treat and remove if necessary
  5. Consider an alternative to semipermanent lash extensions such as Latisse (prescribed in our office and monitored by our doctors) or magnetic lash extensions

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